ZabCab sign-up is easy.  We just need your first name, email, and phone number.  We'll verify your information and send you a text with your verification code.   Enter your verification code, and you're all set to start requesting your first cab.

Where is the Sign Up screen?

  • The first time that you open the app, you will be shown the Quick Tour, which consists of a few screenshots that overview the apps features.  You can go through every screenshot to finish the Quick Tour, or tap "Skip" at the bottom of the page at any point to access the main screen.  Tap "Request a Cab" to go directly to the Sign Up screen.

What if I already have an account?

  • Your account is linked with your phone number, so as long as you keep the same number you can keep the same account.  Just select "Already have an account?" on the Sign Up page and enter your phone number.  

I entered my info, but never received a verification code.

I got the message "Phone number unreachable."