After downloading and logging in to the app on your device, just follow the instructions on the screen:

I'm using the ZabCab Driver app 

To go on duty at the start of your day, press the "Now Off Duty" button at the bottom of the screen. Pressing this button will toggle you between on and off duty. Once you are on duty, ZabCab will automatically notify you if you have a fare request. You will have a few moments to accept or decline this fare in one tap. ZabCab Driver is free for you to use for the first 100 days. After that trial period, you can continue to use our Basic service for free and receive up to 5 free fare referrals per month without ever having to pay. Or, you can choose our premium ZabCab Driver Unlimited service at a low flat monthly fee.


I'm having trouble getting the app going on my phone

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