After downloading and logging in to the app on your device, just follow the instructions on the screen:


I'm using the ZabCab app for passengers

To request a cab using the ZabCab app, tap "Request a Cab" button once. We will search for the closest available cab. As soon as the driver accepts your fare, you will receive the message "Cab Confirmed". You will also see the cab style and the estimated time of the pick-up, along with a phone button to press if you need to call your driver in case you have specific instructions to make the pick-up easier.  You can watch your cab approaching in real-time on the map, or close the app and we'll notify you when your cab is nearby, and arriving.  You can cancel your trip if needed by pressing the red "X" button.  There is no cost to use ZabCab to find a cab, so you'll just pay your driver as you normally would at the end of your ride.  

I'm using the ZabCab Driver app

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I'm using the ZabCab Front Desk app for businesses

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I don't know which app to use

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I'm having trouble getting the app going on my phone

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