To go on duty as a licensed ZabCab Driver, you first need to go through the sign up process where you enter your name, email, phone, and license information.  

Go on duty

Tap the "Now off Duty" button to switch to on duty.  This button toggles you on and off duty. 
If you close the app, you will be asked if you'd like to stay on duty or go off duty. 

I can't go on duty

There are a few possible reasons that you cannot go on duty:

Check your internet connection

    • Make sure you are in cell range, you are not over the limit on your text plan, and there are no carrier outages. You may need to call your mobile provider to verify these issues.

You may be suspended from the service

    • You might be suspended from using ZabCab Driver for security reasons if we were unable to verify your license information or if you had too many cancellations, password requests, or for another similar concern.  If you believe that you have been suspended in error or have not received a notification on why or what action to take, let us know.

Our service might be down

    • If our service is down for planned maintenance or another reason, you should receive a notification.  If you suspect there is a service interruption, please try our service again in a little while.  

If you are still unable to go on duty, please let us know.