ZabCab sends a text message (SMS) with a verification code to all new users with the format "ZabCab: Your activation code is 0000"

If you didn't receive such a text message:

  • Make sure that you added your correct mobile number to your ZabCab account. If you entered the wrong number, you can correct your information and have the text message (SMS) resent. You can do that by editing the phone number field in the sign-up screen.

  • If your number is correct, your text message may have been affected by delivery issues from your carrier or your cell plan. Make sure you are in cell range, you are not over the limit on your text plan, and there are no carrier outages. You may need to call your mobile provider to verify these issues.

If you received the text message:

  • Make sure that you entered the code correctly in the app. For security reasons, you can only type the code 5 times. After that, your account will be locked for 1 hour.

  • If you are entering the code in the app long after you received it, your code may have expired. You can have the text message (SMS) resent by tapping "Didn't receive a code?" on the app. 

If you've followed the above steps and are still having trouble receiving the text message with your verification code, let us know.