ZabCab signs you in automatically every time you open the app.  

Please note this is different than sign-up, which is the one time registration when you first download the app and enter your personal information.  

I'm a new user

  • If this is your first time using ZabCab, please complete our quick sign-up process and you will be automatically signed in.  
  • If you completed sign-up, but didn't receive a text message (SMS) with a verification code with the format "ZabCab: Your activation code is 0000" please see How Can I Verify My Phone? 
  • Make sure that you entered your correct mobile number. If you entered the wrong number, you can correct your information and try signing up again. You can do that by editing the phone number field in the Sign-In screen.

I re-installed the app
  • The first time you open ZabCab it will request your cell phone number to identify your account.  You can always select the option "Already Have an Account?".   As long as you keep the same phone number you will keep the same ZabCab account whether you re-install the app on the same phone or on a new phone.

I have a new phone

  • Your account is linked with your phone number, so as long as you keep the same number you can keep the same account. 
  • If you changed your phone number, see Can't sign in with a new phone number.

It's still not working

  • ZabCab requires Internet connection via cellular networks or Wi-Fi to sign in. Make sure you have Internet connection by opening the Internet browser on your smartphone and accessing a web page.

If you've followed the above steps and are still having trouble signing in, let us know.